Sunday, June 14, 2020


A few more first for Indi -

graduation from puppy preschool and a walk! Although we don't go far and stay on the road as she still has one more vaccination to go.  I'd forgotten how annoying it is to walk with a puppy!!


Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Andy's Work Bench

Andy's work bench is coming along although he hasn't quite finished as the top isn't secured yet! He is blaming the lifting of coronavirus restrictions for the decrease in his productivity....

Monday, June 8, 2020

Bedroom Rules

Both girls were obsessed with the reality tv show house rules and so when talks regarding Katy's window began Ella immediately decided on doing a bedroom rules for Katy. The rules defined by Katy were -
  1. Calm rainforest feel
  2. Green, blues and aqua colours
  3. Styled by sloths!!
Planning began immediately once the rules were established. Ella spent hours drawing, trawling the web for inspiration and suggesting many options.

At various stages these ideas were raised - 
  1. Ella (with Andy's approval) decided to cut Katy's bed so that it would fit into the alcove
  2. Have a canopy over the bed
  3. Have a hanging chair
  4. Build a platform bed after I vetoed the cut up of Katy's bed.
In the end after numerous compromises and redesigns, Katy got a new loft bed, a new big chair with a sheer curtain and fairy light backdrop and a hand made hammock - a home for all of her soft toys.

While Katy was at a sleepover, work began on Friday night with patching and sanding to prepare paint areas. We also began to construct the loft bed. Saturday saw us paint the wall, window and continue with loft construction. Sunday we added the final touches and then it was time for the big reveal :) 

Katy was pretty stoked with the results!!

Here is a reminder of what Katy's room looked like in 2015....


and now...

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Bulb Progress

My indoor bulbs are growing well although one of the four hasn't yet sprouted.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Friday, June 5, 2020

Building Work Begins

It's been 5 years since our renovation and we have finally made the decision to change Katy's room by adding in another window. Katy's original room design had a corner window like Ella's however we decided against doing that because the outlook would be straight on to the fence. Instead we only installed one window on the western facing wall which only gets direct afternoon sun. 

Wanting more light into Katy's room we decided to add a window into the southern facing wall. First a chat to our builder made us rethink our original plans to create a window with interest. Our choices were -

After considering all options we settled on design three - a window that jutted out under the eaves and had views over to the beautiful snow gum in the garden. The window was ordered and arrived in Feb (like the fridge, oven, etc) and then sat in the front room waiting while covid did its thing.

Finally we made contact with our builder and set a date. Over a few days, a hole was cut, window installed, the internal and external holes filled in and window sill installed.

We are thrilled with the window and wished we'd done it sooner. It completely changes Katy's room. Now for the bedroom makeover....

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Indi's World

Indi's a very loved puppy. She has settled extremely well into our family and household. Things aren't all rosy though! She still is working out where to go to the toilet (admittedly we have made that harder by not having a dog door).

She is also known as crocodile because when she wakes up she loves to bite anything and everything. Her favourite thing is ankles and feet especially Katy's who she thinks is her sibling. Katy is working on showing Indi who is the boos.

Indi began puppy classes at the vet. There are 5 other puppies in her class. They love romping around chasing and play fighting. For the first 2 weeks only 1 family member was allowed to attend and then restrictions eased and so each girl came with me for the remaining 2 sessions. I'm not sure they learnt much but the loved seeing the other puppies!

From these classes, we got the idea of creating a snuffle mat. A $5 rubber mat from Bunnings and a $5 fleecy blanket from Ikea. The blanket was torn into strips and then each strip fed through the holes of the mat. The idea is to scattering biscuits into the mat and so the dog spends time sniffing them out. A great distraction while we are at work.