Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Surgery Day

Finally arrived. Ella and I presented ourselves at the John James Day Surgery unit mid morning. Pre admission was quick. The nurse was lovely chatting away while extracting and recording the necessary medical information. We learnt of her terrifying experience of living through the Nepalese earthquake in 2015. Ella changed into her hospital attire and then we sat and waited passing time by watching a movie and reading a book. 

Sometime later, we were ushered through to the theatre holding bay where Ella climbed onto a bed and was offered the first of many warmed blankets! Here we meet another fantastic nurse - the anaesthetist assistant. She asked Ella if she had any jewellery on, ears pierced or any other piercing Mum doesn't know about?! Ella looked at me quizzically before the nurse (who had multiple facial piercing and tattoos) continued on about a story of how she got her 2nd piercing in her ears without her mums knowledge and was subsequently grounded for weeks plus she had to let the holes close up!! Again we waited for the theatre to be ready so Ella' continued watching her movie.

Ella was then wheeled into the theatre room bay. Again  more waiting but we had the anaesthetist and the surgeon pop in to say hello and provide some reassurance. Finally it was time and Ella walked into the theatre. Once on the table, Ella chose to be put to sleep with the mask (rather than a cannula) while holding my hand. Four breaths later she was gone! I left the theatre for the anxious wait! Thankfully I joined Jase for his lunchtime coffee before heading down to work to pass some more time and then returned to the family waiting area to continue reading my book.

Eventually a nurse appeared just before 3pm to say Ella had been out of surgery for half an hour and was still trying to wake up! I came into recovery to see a very dopey Ella - her eyes half open, arm extended telling me how much she loved me :) She began wiggling around trying to move her foot which unknown to her was in a boot causing herself a bit of pain in the process. They gave her more pain relief which helped.

From here Ella was wheeled into the day surgery recovery area and took another 40mins or so to fully wake up. Eventually she gobbled down some food and was looking much more perky! Soon she got dressed - although we had to cut her long pants at the ankle to get over the boot she was wearing! We were all ready for discharge. Hopping on her crutches about 20m to the upright comfy chairs Ella was overcome by nausea and the colour drained from her face. She managed not to vomit and struggled through with the discharge procedure.

It was close to 6pm as I drove the car as close as I could to the day surgery door and Ella once again struggled on her crutches. The exertion was obvious and she pretty much passed out on the drive home where she went straight to bed and slept for another hour or so.

As for her recovery - Ella bounced back very quickly. We initially thought she would have the remainder of the week off from school but she was very keen to return on Thursday (with some nurofen of course). Her post op follow up is in 2 weeks time so we shall learn more of the recovery pathway then.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Great Garden

The veggie patch is doing wonderfully and producing lots of delicious fruit and vegetables. I'm also extremely happy about our u shape design which has allowed better access and planting layouts. Watering the patch though has been a problem. Currently it has a line running to it which branches off the main garden line for the backyard. This poses a few problems - not enough water pressure means I can't use all of the patch and the water schedule is based on the garden needs rather than the veggies! As a result,  I've decided to install a dedicated reticulation line to it so that we can optimise the delivery of the essential water to what is growing in the veggie patch. Can't wait to see the results!

Friday, February 5, 2021

Naughty Puppy

I came home the other day and didn't want to disturb Indi so I snuck in the front door and quietly tip toed inside to find her doing this.....

She was happily lying on our outside table chewing up our Japanese Torii Gate followed by digging up the flowers int the pot plant that was on top of the table. Our back garden is not doing that well at the moment thanks to Indi and her puppy instincts! Lots of holes; many of the retic sprinkler heads have been chewed off; many plants especially the grassy/reedy ones have been laid on and squashed; the pool has to have a permanent fence to save the fish from being chased and all the pot plants have been dug up. The only saving grace is that the veggie patch had mostly survived.

One positive though it that while I was taking the washing off the line, Indi trapped a small rat under her paw. She was very intrigued by the small creatures and was uncertain as to what to do with it. I wasn't in the mood for dealing with a half dead rat so I pulled her off and it ran away.

In other news, Indi had begun dog school again on Thursday nights. Although she is fairly obedient when not distracted, it seems she thinks dog school is play time with all of the other dogs! we might be heading for a fail again!

We also often see Indi lying like this....oh to have the flexibility!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Advent Calendar Fun

Oops this post is out of order! The girls cashed in one of their advent calendar vouchers so we went to the Riddle Room (an escape room) in Canberra on Australia Day. They were allowed to bring a friend - so Qian and Alia joined us. We entered the Hideaway room and escaped 68mins later! It was a fun challenge with everyone solving various parts in the puzzle.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

School 2021

 First day of school - Ella is Year 8 and Katy is going into her last year of primary school in Year 6!

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Final BBL Game

The Big Bash came back to Canberra for the play off between Thunder and Heat for a spot in the grand final. We secured tickets and returned from the coast early enough to unpack, get organised and arrive at the game by 7pm.

It was a disappointing game especially with the Heat easily winning. The funniest moment of the evening was when a group of boys (around 10 - 12yrs) started collecting bucket hats from the stands and stacking these on one of the their heads. The hat stack was getting quite high with the boys having trouble reaching high enough to put the next bucket on. The main boy would bend down, then the other boys would stand on steps in order to reach high enough. Anyway the hat bucket stack grew very high and caught the attention of the crowd. It rose higher and as the boy walked the stack began to wobble and the crowd would ooh and aah at this precarious situation! Unfortunately the stack wobbled a bit too much and tipped over right spilling bucket hats everywhere - the crowd went wild!! More unfortunately this occurred in front of a security officer who subsequently gave the boys a dressing down and confiscated the majority of the bucket hats much to the displeasure of the crowd who booed very loudly!! Great entertainment!

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Coast Calls

We were all excited to be going away for the last week of the summer school holidays. Time down at the beach in the waves on our surfboards and soaking up the sunshine was just what we needed to refresh prior to the commencement of the 2021 school year. Despite the temperature reaching the mid 30's the previous weekend, the weather for our us was not kind. In overcast conditions we left Canberra driving down Brown Mountain in the misty rain! 

In spite of these conditions we trudged down to the beach for an afternoon swim. The weather deteriorated further over the next few days but again we still managed to swim even if it was in our wetsuits!!

On Friday, the rain set in and after a visit to the chemist, the girls set up a beauty salon - nails painted and hair braided.

After lunch Andy, Ella and myself headed back to Canberra for Ella's afternoon appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon. Again we were shrouded in mist as we climbed Brown Mountain. The surgeon was thankfully on time and we discussed Ella's ankle treatment options of which there was only one - surgery! None of us were surprised. The day surgery was booked for 10 days time and Ella emerged from the appointment with a big smile - the Dr told her she could do without her crutches until then!! It was very weird to see her walking again!! After filling out a few forms to organise the said surgery, we jumped back in the car for the return drive again in the rain and arrived in Tathra around 9pm.

Our last full day saw the sun trying to break through the clouds in the morning. We were a little worried about the number of blue bottles that were washed up on the beach, however no-one was stung while swimming. Intermittent showers unfortunately dominated the afternoon.

After packing up on Sunday morning, we headed over to Andy's work colleague's newly acquired house and admired not only their amazing house but also the spectacular views over the Bega River to the ocean. Then it was time to head back home - once again up Brown Mountain in the misty rain - a fitting end to our so called summer beach holiday!